Greater Smoky Valley

Big Smoky Valley is located in the very center of the state of Nevada, Between Boulder City to the South and Reno to the North.. It is a high mountain desert with a remote and rural lifestyle -- a classic example of the true American west. Small, close-knit settlements are scattered along State Route 376, which runs the 100 mile length of the valley, intersecting with Highway 50 to the north and Highway 6 to the south.

The combined population in Big Smoky Valley is approximately 2500 people. Hadley is home for a majority of the people. The grocery store, library, schools, community center, police substation, swimming pool, athletic ¬†facilities are all located in Hadley. 


There are, also, several churches and small businesses, ¬†as well as a large plot of land the town has set aside for a business park. A variety of other businesses and amenities are located the length of the valley.

There are no big discount stores, or fast food chains, but there is plenty of clear mountain air, wide open spaces, and a quality lifestyle free from traffic jams, city crime, and urban pressures. We believe our unique lifestyle and traditional western pastimes have a lot to offer to visitors and residents alike. 

The main industry is mining. Round Mountain Gold Corporation employs approximately 750 people.  Agriculture, mostly alfalfa and hay farms, and ranching are the next most common industries. In fact, many ranches are located on pioneer homesteads that date back to the 1800s.

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